World’s 1st Liquefied Hydrogen Carrier Named in Japan

Posted On: 26-02-2020

Japanese shipbuilder Kawasaki Heavy Industries has named Suiso Frontier, the world’s first liquefied hydrogen carrier, at its yard Kobe Works, the said. This vessel, owned by CO2-free Hydrogen Energy Supply-chain Technology Research Association (HySTRA), is
designed to transport large quantities of liquefied hydrogen at 1/800 of its gas-state volume, cooled to –253°C, over long distances by sea. Kawasaki plans to install a1,250 m3 vacuum-insulated, double-shell-structure liquefied hydrogen storage tank,currently being manufactured at Harima Works, on the ship and complete the vessel’s construction by late 2020. “Once complete, the Susiso Frontier will be used for technology demonstration testing in Japanese FY 2020 aimed at the establishment of an international hydrogen energy supply chain in which liquefied hydrogen produced in Australia will be shipped to Japan,” the shipbuilder said. The supply chain is expected to be set up within the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization’s (NEDO) demonstration project for the establishment of mass hydrogen marine transportation supply chain derived from unused brown coal. The pilot project is planned for 2020-2021, and it will demonstrate brown coal gasification and hydrogen refining at Latrobe Valley in Australia, hydrogen liquefaction and storage of liquefied hydrogen at Hastings, marine transportation of liquefied hydrogen from Australia to Japan and unloading of liquefied hydrogen in Japan.