Demand for remote offshore rigs inspections skyrockets due to COVID-19

Posted On: 11-05-2020

Classification society Bureau Veritas (BV), a provider of testing, inspection, and certification services, has noted a 900 per cent rise in demand for the remote inspection of offshore assets and equipment since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. BV said on Monday that requests for its remote inspection, certification, examination, and verification services escalated from a ‘want’ to a ‘need’ this year as businesses seek to keep employees safe from the coronavirus. Several remote inspection solutions are already in progress for operators and oilfield service companies and there have been over 20 additional requests since the start of this year. According to BV, inspections and verification are vital for offshore companies to comply with legislation and ensure the efficiency and performance of their assets and equipment. Through the use of mobile cameras and the existing personnel,BV employees can carry out these essential services remotely onshore, limiting close contact and reducing the need for travel. The Bureau risk profiled activities and identified which inspections can be performed remotely and which cannot to help operators and oilfield service companies plan for the year ahead. Where physical inspection is unavoidable, an up-front technical and safety assessment underpins the reduction and/or elimination of risk at the site.