Damen delivers five zero-emission ferries to Arriva

Posted On: 06-07-2020

Damen Shipyards Group has delivered five zero-emission ferries to Arriva Denmark in Copenhagen, which is operating the vessels on behalf of Danish public transport agency Movia. As explained, the 80-passenger vessels are based on Damen’s E3 philosophy – environmentally friendly, efficient in operation and economically viable. The newbuilds feature a length of 23.3 metres, a width of 5.6 metres and can reach a maximum speed of 9 knots. When Movia issued the public tender for waterborne public transport in Copenhagen, its aim was to upgrade the service, making it cleaner and more sustainable. Specifically, the ferries make significant strides towards a zero-emission service, reducing Copenhagen’s public transport NOX emissions by 2.5%, CO2 emissions by 10% and particulate emissions by 66%. The vessel’s sustainable credentials are powered by a series of innovative, digital shipbuilding techniques. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) were applied to the hull design, minimising resistance in the water, while cutting-edge software measured the relationship between engine torque and propeller speed. This resulted in the optimal use of battery packs for reduced weight, energy consumption and – ultimately – costs of operation. What is more, the ferries are prepared for remote monitoring. Informed by a network of sensors incorporated into the vessel, Damen’s remote monitoring department is able to set up a dashboard tracking such things as sailing patterns, battery lifecycle and swell dynamics. This allows fine-tuning of the operation towards greater efficiency and reduced downtime for maintenance.
(Credits: www.offshore-energy.biz)