NYK takes full control of Green Zeebrugge LNG bunkering vessel

Posted On: 09-11-2020

Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK Line), said the Marine LNG Zeebrugge joint venture, set up to manage the Gas4Sea brand has been dissolved. To remind, the joint venture was established by NYK Line, Engie and Mitsubishi Corporation as an LNG bunkering unit. The partners additionally agreed to transfer all shares of the exclusive vessel holding company for the LNG bunkering vessel Engie Zeebrugge to NYK and make the holding company a unit of NYK. NYK has changed the name of the LBV from Engie Zeebrugge to Green Zeebrugge. In response to the expected increase in global demand for LNG fuel, NYK will start LNG fuel bunkering business under a new scheme in the future, the company said in its statement. The group will continue to develop the LNG-fuel market in terms of LNG-fuel bunkering, promote the conversion of marine fuel to LNG, and contribute to reducing shipping’s environmental burden.

(Credits: www.offshore-energy.biz)