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Wan Hai Lines splashes $565 million on 12 boxships

Posted On: 27-01-2021

Offshore reels are appropriate for catching saltwater fishes like billfish, dolphin, snapper, sailfish, tuna fish, etc. To catch these species you need a drag setting of 40 to 50 pounds and line capacity up to 500 yards. It can be difficult to buy offshore reels, especially if you are not experienced. There are many factors that you should consider before buying the best offshore reels.


Features to consider when buying offshore reels

Offshore spinning reels have a number of features. The one that you will choose depends on your fishing line and what species you are going to catch. Here are the major features:

Types of Fishing Reel:

There are three types of reels to choose from Baitcasting reel, Spinning reel, and Spincasting reel.
Baitcasting reel: These are good for casting heavy lines. They are best for catching huge fish and are mostly good for experienced anglers. They are very good for offshore fishing.
Spinning reel: These are also good for offshore fishing. They work well with long casts and can withstand heavy winds. These reels are good for small to medium sized fishes.
Spincasting reel - It is not as good as baitcasting reel. But it is easier to use and so is good for the beginners. It is mostly recommended for onshore use. In order to decide between using baitcasting reels and spinning reels, you need to consider several options. For larger fish, baitcasting reel is the best choice. You must consider the bearing count, line capacity, and body materials as well.


Most are now made from high-quality aluminum. Graphite is also used. Aluminum is used as it is very strong. Graphite is less strong than aluminum and magnesium will corrode in the salt water. Recently, Zaion, a material made from high-density carbon resin, is used to make parts of a reel. This is said to make the air rotor lighter.
Bearings: The higher the number of ball bearings indicates that the reel would be smoother.
Gear Ratio: Gear ratio is the number of times the bail rotates around the spool when a single handle is turned. For example, 4.4:1 indicates that 4.4 rotations of the spool to 1 turn of the handle. Fewer rotations per turn mean the speed of the reel will be slower. High speed reel should be achieved. But in order to gain durability, you need to lower the speed.
Reel Drag: The drag must be powerful and smooth. A drag of 40 to 55 pounds is considered good.

Our recommendations:

Shimano Stella SW 20000:

These are very tough and powerful. It has the latest technologies, the 'SW-X Concept' that takes this equipment to; a new level. The gear is 38% stronger than its previous models. The gear ratio is 4.4:1 and the drag can be up to 55 pounds.

Accurate TwinSpin SR-30:

It has a dual drag system which exerts the same pressure on both sides of the reel spool. This is used for heavy-duty angling. The reel is made of high-quality aluminum. The spool shaft and drag plates are made of titanium. Its performance is enhanced by stainless steel bearings that make the reel durable. You can switch out spools without readjusting the settings of the drag. It has 6:1 gear ratio.

Accurate TwinSpin SR-50:

Accurate TwinSpin SR-50This is also designed for big-game fishing. It has a dual drag system. It has two pounds more drag than SR 30. But it weighs 10 ounces more than SR 30. It has 4.0:1 gear ratio.

Canyon Reels Salt 7500:

This is a very powerful reel that is assembled in the US. It has solid aluminum rotor and body. The drive, gears, and rotor are made of stainless steel. The spool has double ball bearings. It can provide more than 66 pounds of stopping pressure. It has 9 bearings.

Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight 8000H:

It provides greater reliability. It uses a magnetic coil to keep away debris and saltwater from getting inside the reel's rotor bearing. Winding friction is also less. It has 14 ball bearings including two which resists corrosion. It has a manual bail trip that removes any problems related to bail spring. There is also a rotor brake that stops the rotor from moving when casting. It weighs 30 ounces and has a drag of maximum 66 pounds.

Some buying tips:

Which species you are going to catch: This is important because of the size and habitat of each type of fish. Sometimes, the season you are going fishing is also important. Getting hold of each species need different types of reels and rods.

Style of fishing:

The style of fishing is also a key factor. When fishing from the boat, you can move with a fight and put less stress on the rod, fishing line and reel. Whereas, when you fish from a bridge, you need to match the gear so that you can fight the fish. In such cases, you need more line capacity and more drags.


Baitcasting reels are harder to use, but can catch a wider variety of fishes. Using spinning reel is easy, but has limitations.
So, when you buy the offshore reel, first decide which type of fish you are going to catch. If it's big, then baitcasting reel would be the right choice. Else, you can go for spinning reel. With so many different brands of offshore reel available, try to find the one that matches your need and budget. If specifications are good then try to increase your budget if possible. Ebay and Amazon are great places to buy the best offshore reels. You can also find them in different fishing retailers.